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Welcome to Sanjeewa Tours!

My name is Sanjeewa Weligamage and I'd love to be your host in my beautiful country. Here you can find out a little about Sri Lanka, why hiring a tour guide can be a great idea and find out where a typical tour could take you.

Sri Lanka is full of beauty, history, culture and diversity, and there is a huge amount to see and do.

Sanjeewa Tours is a small tour company, specialising in multi-day driving tours of the island. Using local knowledge, and doing all the driving, Sanjeewa Tours can help you make the most of your time in this wonderful country.

This website will show you how a tour guide like Sanjeewa will enable you to see as much of Sri Lanka as possible during your trip. Click on the tabs above to see an example tour and read what previous customers have to say. You can also learn about Sanjeewa and download a map of the island showing the route of a typical tour.